All the teaching staff at Bikram Yoga Salt Lake City have completed Bikram's 9 week intensive teacher training program with more than 500 hours of study and 2 Bikram Yoga classes per day (90-99 classes). They learned the dialogue for the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises plus attended posture clinics and anatomy classes. They learned a little yoga philosophy and theraputic benefits of each posture. All experienced life changing transformations as a result of this intensive learning experience. 


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Jay Jones, June 2000

Greg Airhart Spring 2010

Pam Crowe-Weisberg Spring 2003    

Roxanne Joesten 2004
Stephanie Griffin Fall 2008

Nella Holden Spring 2013

Becky Airhart Spring 2013

Mike Schenk Spring 2012

Ann Marie Rung 2003
Araceli Candanedo
Tom Kryssbek
Charese Peterson
Kiersten McIntire Spring 2013

Maggi Petix

Sean Kenny, Fall 2008

Janet Ivers

Elizabeth MacGregor Fall 2012

Lisa Boone

Meryl Biksacky Fall 2008

Joy Benson Fall 2012

Nancy Sears
Traci Armstrong Spring 2002
Johnny Dorrough